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SES Government Rolls Out New Hydra Platform for US Government Customers

By | December 6, 2021

SES releases Hydra platform for U.S. government customers. Photo: SES

SES Government Solutions has unveiled details of a new platform to serve its U.S. government customers on Monday. The platform, called Hydra, is a Common Operational Picture (COP) platform and will exclusively serve the U.S. Government and military.

Managed and operated in-house, Hydra is a modular web-based monitoring and control system that provides end-to-end situational awareness in a single unified operational network platform. Hydra collects, normalizes, and organizes data from different sources based on the mission or customer and distributes the information to the appropriate dashboard. Hydra is built on a cloud-native and micro-services architecture and incorporates the latest security and data processing technologies.

“Hydra is the convergence of tactical, operational, and strategic enterprise data in a single pane view. Having information in real-time can be the difference between mission success and mission failure. SES GS has identified the need for a tool that compiles and transforms open-source data in a customizable dashboard to help manage situations rapidly and allow in-real time informed decision making,” President and CEO of SES Government Solutions, retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Pete Hoene said in a statement.